Vinayaka Chaviti Story Narrated by Dr. Mohan Babu

Vinayaka Chaviti Story Narrated by Dr. Mohan Babu

 Indian biggest festival Vinayaka Chaviti is silently celebrated this year because of the pandemic. Every time this is the most awaited festival as every age group will enjoy this nine days of the festival.

On the day of the festival, it is being a tradition that everyone in the family will sit together and worship Lord Ganesha. During this pooja it very important that people will here Gajasura's story and Lord Ganesh story behind the elephant head. 

On the advice of Manchu Vishnu this year, Mohan babu released a video regarding the Ganesha story of an elephant head and also the Gajasura story. He says that this is a tradition in their family to invite a few friends to his home. They all perform this pooja together and at last Mohan babu will read this story for the friends and family at home on that day.

There is a lot of information in this video and the way he conveyed the story will attract these generation kids. As many of the young generations are not aware of the story this will be a very good reference.

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